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Megaman Z preview Megaman Z preview

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

So are you just paint bucketing other people/corporations stuff, or are you actually doing some of your own work/ ideas? You need to dig deeper into yourself and come up with your own worlds and your own characters, or else your going to end up being a sham. George Lucas didn't just copy and paste he made a whole entire galaxy far away from his own mind. Pablo Picasso didn't copy cubism, he made the technique himself and even redefined his own invention later on in his career. It's one thing to be inspired, but just dumping color on an already existant peice will not allow for personal growth. You need to push yourself more than you've ever pushed yourself and draw what you've never drawn. you need to rise up over this hole that you're putting yourself into. No one improves doing the same thing someone else has done. Hell, if I just sat around and drew the same thing over and over again when I was ten I probably would never have become what I am today. I even still think that I could still improve on elements of my peices and whether it's physical media or digital media it's the same thing. I want to see you improve and grow.
Also don't get so offended when people critique or comment on your work; you just take everything. Use other people's hate and malice for your benefit. Make their opinions, hate speech, and senseless blathering... turn it into a drive to make your art better. Don't become satisfied, never be satisfied with yourself (I'm not satisfied with my own work consistently). Of course one could say that "oh if I'm satisfied and happy with myself it doesn't matter what anyone else says". Well, that person would be a fool and wouldn't get anywhere. They certainly wouldn't get a career in art, or anything in that manner. They would probably end up in a ditch... drunk and alone wishing that they had more drive.
The good thing though is that you are trying, and trying bigger and better things. Just don't make the circle tool and bucket tools a crutch. Copying and pasting a copyrighted image onto a white background isn't a complete thought. Nor does it show any originality, theme, or composition. You should brave the innermost circle of your mind and come out with a bounty of riches. Be a creator not just an enthusiast and then you'll be on your way to being better. No one is a born artist (unless you're Pablo Picasso) and everyone who is great started out as little kids. They didn't even know basic anatomy, but they kept at it because they were better than the other kids. They took critiques... any critique whether good or bad and improved themselves for it. Just don't get a big head when people start complimenting your work, because you'll then become self righteous and no one likes that.
The piece itself though is sadly uninspired. It lacks any sort of dynamic action. It's just a slightly repainted version of mega man. It's true that you don't just place lines willy nilly, but you're practically just doing what has already been done. Of course most everything these days are derivative , but usually only to a small extent. This on the other hand isn't even a reimagining; it's a half baked recolor. You need to rethink your methods and not just use Circle, square, triangle, and line tools. Now if you did actually draw this then it's better than your other peices and then it would just be the problems of a lack of originality and composition. On the other hand this just looks too Mega Man DX sprite to be original. I hope that your next piece is your own original property and not just another copy of a licensed character.
So I now Step off of my soapbox... you can have any opinion you want. Why you can even give me as curse laden a reply as possible, send me a bunch of hostile pms. You can even tell me to screw myself. That would still tell me that I made an impact on you and that you value my opinion (albit negatively). This isn't to offend or put down; it's more of me trying to convince you to try and find more inspiration than Mega Man. To do something that means something. Something thats inspired and will make people think.

mjflaherty468 responds:

wow i am actually glad you have made this comment i would enjoy to upload more original stuff but sadly all i ave to work with at the moment is ms paint also i am not able to use my scanner much because well i have school still I'm only 13 so i actually have a lot of original stuff to upload but sadly either my work is not finished or i cannot find what i want to upload but I'm grateful for your comment. thank you!

Taking Measurements 2 Taking Measurements 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love it, but the boobs are awfully shimmery. Are her breasts oiled up or something, or was that just to give them more pop?